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Why join Blenheim Racing ?

The answer to this is easy. We deliver long term consistent profits coupled with winners at good prices. Simple!

Our aim is to give clients what they look for when they invest their money in a tipping service.  A long term strategy based on logical thinking and clever ideas which guarantees a profit in the long term with the added excitement of winners at nice odds. Obviously the odd losing month will happen, but if you keep the mindset of making money over time allowing the results to balance out your on the road to success. 

Don't be put off by the low price of joining. We try to price our service so as many as possible can join and start to profit from this fantastic sport we all love. Our prices will have to rise soon but for now we will hold the current pricing structure.

Last year our service delivered 221 Pts and over the last 4 years 829.9 Pts - consistent profits to rely on !!


What we offer!

Consistent long term profits,  good priced winners,  affordable fees !!!


After a difficult Summer for the service Blenheim are back on course with a return to our long term higher priced strategy paying dividends for clients with October delivering a fabulous winning month of 43.5 Pts!!




Another bonus of choosing our service is that the majority of our selections are emailed between 5pm and 6pm the evening before racing allowing most to place their bets well in advance of racing and access the best odds on offer

We asked some of our long term clients to give us their views of our service which they kindly did, here's what they said: I have been with Blenheim Racing since 2010 and can say it's an very impressive service indeed. Consistent profits and excellent priced winners makes for an exciting and profitable hobby with my bank risen from £500 to now sitting at just under £7000 with profits of nearly £20,000 for 2016. I have been with other services which give favourite after favourite which are neither interesting nor profitable which sets Blenheim apart from most other tipping services. I have just renewed my subscription for another year and would certainly advise giving it a go .

Clive R Shrewsbury

I have been a client with Blenheim Racing since early 2016 and couldn't be happier with the service. My profits have just broken the 200 Pt mark and I hope to start staking to £50 bets within the next few weeks which should make me a useful sum. Another thing which I like about the service is the prompt response to my emails after having had a problem with my Paypal account my subscription continued till my payment arrived. All in all a good service to be a member of and I expect to be with it for some time to come.

Kevin T Dorset








If you have any questions just drop us an email and we will get back to you promptly

Horse racing


2017 +221.00 Pts

2016 +178.37 Pts

2015 +188.17 Pts

2014 +242.37 Pts


That’s 829.9 Pts profit in the last 4 years, start to make a good second income with our superb well thought out selections.

Some of our recent winners:

  • Music Major 20/1
  • Favourite Royal 20/1
  • Berryessa 14/1
  • Perfect Candidate 12/1
  • Graceful Legend 12/1
  • Soldier In Action 15/2
  • Calvados Spirit 7/1

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you select the bets? I compile my own ratings which highlight well handicapped horses coupled with form study with the final piece of the jigsaw the price of the selection.
  • How many points profit last year? My selections made 221 Pts profit last year.
  • What’s the strike rate? Around 20% . What’s the average price of winners? Around 11/2.
  • How many bets per month? It varies depending on the time of year but around 45 to 70 per month.
  • What staking per selection? 1 pt win or 1pt ew
  • How do I receive the selections? An email is sent out either around 5.30pm the night before if I feel the price may fall , or around 8.00am on the day.
  • How many months in profit? No service can guarantee a profit every month but on average I make a profit 10 months out of 12.
  • How much do you charge a month? from £25 per month.

SUBSCRIBE NOW - from only £25 per month

Results History

KEY - Grey area month by month POINTS PROFIT figures building through 2015/2017

2017 Monthly Results

January   +20.25 Pts

February +3.95   Pts 

March     +33.5   Pts 

April       +33.0   Pts 

May        +26.00 Pts 

June       +14.00 Pts 

July        - 21.5  Pts 

August    +4.70  Pts 

September +32.5 Pts 

October   +2.3 Pts 

November +60.00 Pts 

December +16.00 Pts (Final total 221 Pts)

System Sales

Blenheim's two system package is easy to follow with simple instructions which pinpoint good valued bets which make long term profits.

Here are the stats

Since 2012 till present (6/5/2018) 2,172 bets giving 520 winners 23.9% and 479.86 Pts at SP and 698.25 at Befair SP.

Taking early prices or using the exchanges these profits could be enhanced greatly with all selections found well before racing.

The two system package has found some massive priced winners including : 

Polar Forest 50/1

See Vermont 33/1

Laser Blaze 33/1

Muraabit 25/1

A Little Bit Dusty 20/1

Yankee Storm 20/1

Barron Spy 20/1

Shauna's Spirit 18/1

Verse of Love 16/1

Fly Boy 16/1

Blanc De Chine 16/1

Lord of Storm 16/1

Kendergarten Kop 16/1

There were many many more fantastic priced winners at all odds up to 14/1 with 41 winners in the 8/1 to 14/1 range alone giving great excitement and superb profits.

In the last 365 days up to 6th of May 2018 the two systems have carried on in amazing form with 82 Pts at SP if using Betfair SP that figure would of increased to 127.21 Pts . Don't forget if taking early prices these profits could be increased greatly


We are marketing this superb system package at the very affordable price of £25 to allow as many people to afford it as possible. 



Over the coming weeks I will be putting up several posts on improving your own personal betting technique giving tips and advice where people go wrong when betting on horse racing.

 Can you become a Pro Gambler too?

Many people who bet on Horse Racing dream of one day becoming  a Professional themselves without really knowing everything that needs to be considered before taking this big plunge.

The lure of making big money with little effort is very attractive to many with the day to day drudge of working life potentially a distant memory when deciding on this new career path.

There are many things to be considered when taking this risky step which I shall outline here.



Without this you will have little chance of making it as a Pro Gambler. With this high on the list of credentials needed to make long term profits on Horse Racing with the desire to place risky wagers on many races every day without due care and attention. You must be able to have the philosophy "there's always another day" to recoup any lost money instead of chasing losses backing short priced favourites etc to rectify a losing day.

Have a good plan

A well researched way of picking profitable selections is again high on your list, with real time bets across all times of the year over several seasons proving your methodology works. Sample size is vital to fully understand if your chosen plan of action does really work and isn't just a flash in the pan with at least 1000 bets under your belt the bare minimum before handing in your notice to your boss.

You need to know strike rate, average price of your winners, how it performs in different parts of the year, does it just work in lower class races instead of all class levels, what kind of losing runs does it rack up, do you only back when a top jockey is on board or can you have a claimer as well. These are just a few of the things to consider with many more things needed to be thought through before deciding if it works or not.


Its vital to turn your money over consistently to allow your methods to hit their various strike rates. I would say at least 50 to 60 bets need to be struck each month to hit your targets but of course if your aiming at the higher odds range a bigger turnover is required with big losing runs common when averaging in the 10/1 plus area.

Betting Bank

The correct sized betting bank is paramount when venturing out in the pro ranks of betting on horse racing. This subject has been debated over many years at which level your betting funds need to be to overcome the chance of losing your precious money. It has always frustrated me when reading books on betting with the advice given to find your longest losing run and then have a "bit" more. This is basically wrong, with the correct statement reading - "what's the lowest point your betting bank has fallen to in the years before". How much more should you have? 

Well this depends on your strike rate, the amount you "need" to win, how brave you are etc. I would say at least two and a half times the lowest point you betting bank has fallen to in past years to stop the emotional stress and worry when results go against you. Of course if your only betting on a "semi pro level" some greater risk can be imparted onto your betting bank.

Other things to consider

A stable home life is needed, with hopefully another wage coming in to help the finances which is certainly a big help. Another thing to consider is if you have young children which can distract you when doing your work. This can seriously impinge on your concentration levels when studying or placing your bets online with mistakes easily made at this important time.

Another thing I feel is vital in your set up is to have at least 3 months wages saved up in case things don't go to plan at the start of your new venture. Living hand to mouth can lead to a very stressful position,  with the need to find winners if things aren't going to plan which can effect the way you choose your selections and start to make mistakes. 

Keeping fit is something I find very important when you spend many hours sat in front of a PC concentrating on the screen.You need to keep your energy levels up so you don't begin to make silly mistakes when you start to feel tired. I always make time to go for a run late morning to recharge the batteries and take my mind off the thinking process with this taking over your life when going full time. 

Some more information will follow in the next few days.








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